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Back Up Plans

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Business Continuity

Reliability is the consistent continuity of an electrical power supply, when it is needed, when the main power source fails.


The Solution Starts with Us. Our team of electrical engineering specialists has the education and experience to analyze, plan and design all types and sizes of electric power distribution systems and backup power protection solutions, for any type of industry or facility.


Our goal is to help our clients maximize their electrical systems reliability and to get the full benefit from their electrical system infrastructure while minimizing and preventing disruptions.   


Tornadoes, floods, fire and power outages pose potential threats to all types of buildings.    


The overall goal is to keep critical electrical equipment running; maximize output and performance; improve system reliability; reduce equipment maintenance and usage costs; and help protect life, the electrical equipment and property.  A few options are as follows:  


  • Standby Redundancy

  • Active or Parallel Redundancy

  • N+N, N+1 and 1+1 Redundancy  

  • Cascade

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