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Electrical Safety Programs

Electricity has become essential in every aspect of today’s lifestyle.  It's sometimes taken for granted or perhaps not considered, during maintenance or making changes and key infrastructure decisions 

which can present hazardous working conditions.

Electrical safety programs establish minimum standards to prevent hazardous exposures to personnel, equipment and infrastructure.


These programs protect against explosions, fires, electrical shock, electrocution, burns and other electrical safety hazards.


Ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements, applicable to electrical systems, is essential for keeping employees safe, minimizing business disturbances and infrastructure costs.

Responsibilities &Corporate Safety Policy

Electrical Hazard Risk Evaluation & Analysis

Personnel & Contractor Responsibilities

Safe Work Electrical



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Equipment Maintenance, Labeling, Forms & Procedures

Arc Flash

Short Circuit








Program Updates

Electrical Safety Programs, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis, Labeling and Training 


Arc Flash incidents are an extremely hazardous situation for any worker and needs to be considered by facilities management, building owners, design professionals and practicing electricians. 


There is vast amount of literature available on the web regarding the requirements of OSHA and NFPA 70E and the numerous factors and conditions that can result in an arc flash hazard. 


Common examples include improper work procedures and short circuiting of energized parts, accidental contact or dropping of tools or objects on an energized electrical system or its parts.


Even when a worker is being extremely careful, improper or lack of maintenance, dust or dirt accumulation and metal corrosion can be causes of an arc flash event.

Consider an analysis if an Arc Flash Study has not been conducted over the last five years; if the electric utility or distribution system has gone through numerous changes; if an expansion and/or modification of the existing electrical distribution system is being considered.


The electrical safety program should include a short circuit study, protective device coordination study and arc flash hazard analysis, followed by mitigation initiatives, labeling, electrical safety program, Lockout / Tagout (LOTO) and training for employees and electrical workers.


Due to the amount of information available, the team at Current Solutions recognizes and understands that obtaining the right company, or consultant, to perform the analysis is daunting and we are committed to helping to simplify the process.


Current Solutions has a solid resume, with thousands of completed buildings and electrical safety programs, for cities, companies, and facilities across the U.S.

Arc Flash
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Power System Analysis
Power System Analysis

Power System Analysis

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