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Electrical Engineering 

What is Behind the Walls,  is What Makes Things Happen!


Advisory and Technical Designs to improve buildings & facilities performance, efficiency,

reliability and safety. 

Design Build

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Integrating teams and harnessing specialized talents for a collaborative process to optimize project results.

Value Engineering

Systematic method used to improve the project value, minimizing the overall project and construction costs. 

Construction Cost Estimating

When construction costs need to be a known factor before starting a project, during design and/or during construction.

Power distribution systems behind the scenes. 
Electric availability, reliability 
and safety

Electrical power distribution systems are like the central nervous system of the body. New or existing facilities require the electrical power distribution system and it is critical to the successful performance of all business technology, equipment and operations.

Our collective engineering services; technical knowledge; construction cost estimating;
hands on
construction field experience enables us to provide our client’s with specialty services and efficient designs.


Our goal is to help our clients get the full benefit from the electrical system infrastructure: to maximize output and performance; improve system reliability; reduce equipment maintenance, construction and usage costs; and help protect the equipment life, property and investment.

Power Distribution Design Services

  • New or Existing Building Renovation Design

  • Low, Medium & High Voltage Power Distribution Systems Design

  • Emergency Generator

  • Standby, Redundant and Emergency Power Systems 

  • Alternative Energy

  • Trace Out & Develop Riser and One Line Diagrams

  • Generator Sizing & Transfer Schemes

  • Electrical Construction Engineering

  • Plans & Specifications for Contract Documents and Equipment Purchases

  • Power System Trouble Shooting & Problem Resolution

  • Procurement of Permits & Code Compliance

  • Switchgear

  • Automation and Control Engineering Services

  • Instrumentation and Control Engineering

  • Facility Automation

  • Commissioning

  • Facility Start-Up and Testing Services

  • SCADA Systems Design

  • Relay Protection

  • Electrical Safety

Checklist of Typical Electrical System Goals

  • Design cost efficient power systems, minimize electric usage and maximize utility incentives.

  • Improve power system performance, load distribution and system reliability.

  • Obtain utility service that accommodates the facility infrastructure and technology needs.

  • Obtain scalable power that is available to accommodate growth and increased technology demands.

  • Reduce downtime, obtain uninterrupted service and 24 x 7 operations with standby power.

  • Evaluate opportunities and design distributed generation for your facility.

  • Improve power quality. “Clean Power” for operational efficiency and optimal technology performance.

  • Reduce electrical construction and operating costs.

  • Improve electrical safety standards.

  • Reduce liabilities and potential for electrical safety accidents.

​Understanding Power & Energy Projects
Inception Through Construction

  • Electrical Power Distribution

  • Redundant and Mission Critical

  • Standby Power

  • System Resilience

  • Co-Generation

  • Alternative Energy

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Facility Automation

  • Construction Services

  • Construction Inspection

  • Start-Up and Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing

  • Shop Inspection

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