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About Our Company

Over 20 years, providing comprehensive facility services to support multi-faceted electrical power distribution systems.

Many challenges can impact the facility’s electrical power distribution system and can ultimately disrupt the infrastructure, compromise safety, reliability, efficiency, equipment, technology and machinery performance among other things.


A facility’s electrical infrastructure requires an electrical professional with an understanding of the entire power distribution system’s structure (as well as the interrelationships between the various individual components that make up the entire system). Similarly, to a specialist who diagnoses a part of the human body yet understands ramifications and/or the interrelationship to the whole.

Our electrical power engineering specialty experience helps our clients navigate through the maze of electrical complexity. We believe in holistic approaches, with consideration of interrelated components, that are critical to a healthy, successful, and safe electrical system infrastructure.


Whether planning for or designing a new system; diagnosing, troubleshooting, or making changes to existing systems; coordinating equipment; applying relay settings; or implementing safety programs we can oversee or provide cost-effective solutions.

Year Established



  • Building Owners & Managers

  • Engineering Firms

  • Electrical Contractors

  • Electrical Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers


Projects Completed

Markets Properties & Buildings

  • Cities

  • Commercial  

  • Mission Critical

  • Data Centers

  • Mixed Use

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

  • Municipal & Government

  • Environmental

  • Water & Wastewater 

  • Oil, Gas & Chemicals

  • Education  

  • University & Campuses

  • Hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Transportation & Shipping

  • Airports

  • Convention Centers

  • Hospitality & Travel 

  • Leisure & Sports 

  • Substations

  • Other 

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