Why Current Solutions P.C.

Electric power is like the central nervous system (of the human body) of the building or facility and is critical to the successful performance of business technology, equipment and operations.

The challenge is that the electric power industry continues to undergo dramatic changes with widespread liberalization of the industry, the reliance on renewable resources which are environmentally and financially sound, the need for increased efficiency and reliability energy generation and the application of smart technologies.

In this changing environment, there is an added layer of complexity with regulatory agency mandates, requirements and restrictions.

The Current Solutions team of engineering professionals has the education and experience, to help our clients, navigate the entire systems complexity.  We can assess each project holistically from an analysis, design, cost estimating and construction standpoint.  By performing these services we have developed an “experience” edge and can provide total solutions.

By applying our experience we help to identify and diagnose electrical ailments, in an existing electrical system infrastructure or assist to design a new system, that meets today’s critical electrical requirements.

Typical Client Goal:

Operate their existing building or facility, upgrade their facility or design a new facility, to operate their equipment and technology at peak performance for maximum productivity.

Current Solutions Goal:

Our goal is to help our clients maximize their facility’s output and maintain up time through improving the source of supply and “nourishment” into the system, thereby feeding their mechanical and technology infrastructure, with the appropriate electrical power it needs.

Electrical power is often overlooked, as a possible culprit for inefficient equipment and technology operations. But the fact is, good system performance requires and depends on good electrical power that feeds it.

Important items we consider to help our clients maximize their existing electrical power system infrastructure or when designing a new system is: the power systems overall condition (if existing); obtaining adequate power needed by the operation; obtaining good power quality; maximizing efficiency, reliability and up time as well as minimizing equipment maintenance and usage costs and ultimately protecting the equipment life, facility and investment.

Our Knowledge is Your Power…

Current Solutions has the services to evaluate, analyze, plan and design for all types of building and facilities, electric power distribution systems of any size, and for any type of industry or facility across the U.S.