Value Electrical Engineering

VALUE ENGINEERING (VE) is an examining function or systematic method to find and improve the “value” of a project.

Because of our electrical power system analysis and design specialty, our team has been able to work with building owners, contractors and other engineering firms to find “value” by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs any construction job.

As we work with our clients we analyze the project and/or design. Our goal is to offer our clients ideas and options to simplify the construction process, remove unnecessary expenditures, save time and money. We can provide alternative layouts; assist to identify constructability issues; labor and material costs reduction plans; options to minimize schedule delays; improved project management that will improve the overall project.

Our team of experienced professionals perform this creative analysis of the projects construction requirements and strive to achieve the highest quality installations at the best functional combination of cost, reliability, performance…on time and within budget.

Benefits of Good Electrical Drawings for Electrical Contractors, Building Owner’s and facility Managers