Project Commissioning

The Current Solutions team can get involved in any phase of the project, design through construction, whether a new building or a building that has already been commissioned.

If at the early phases of the project, ideally our goal is to assist our clients with a turnkey solution “beginning with the end in mind” focused on system safety, operational efficiency and reliability.

However, should we get involved after the system is designed, we can assist with commissioning services to assist with compliance with the original electrical engineering design intent and project specifications.

Whether designing a new power distribution system, installing new equipment to an existing system for an expansion or renovation or making changes to the present system – a systematic process is necessary.

This strategic process, to obtain the anticipated and optimal performance and endorse the electrical power distribution equipment and system, is called commissioning.

The commissioning process is a set of procedures and a systematic approach to minimize complications and associated costs during the start-up of the electrical system and its components. By checking, inspecting and verifying individual components, such as equipment, through entire distribution systems.

Commissioning electrical equipment ideally begins in the planning process and pre-design of the electrical project and continues through the project completion and when the electrical equipment is energized. We start with a comprehensive review of the power system design documents, use our experience in power systems engineering and analysis coupled with our practical field experience, to then determine the suitability and reliability of the system for the facilities intended use.

Commissioning activities, are applicable to all phases of the project:

Typical commissioning goals:

Typical Commissioning Phases


Commissioning planning for electrical equipment and pre-design of the electrical project continues through the project completion and when the electrical equipment is energized.

The plan, should provide the structure for how the commissioning project will be conducted and managed – construction through installation and energization of the electrical equipment. An organized approach to establish the commissioning team, budgets, plans, schedules, testing and inspection plans, developing commissioning specifications, determining special testing needs and last but not least establishing re-commissioning plans.


Whether we design the power distribution system or we conduct a design review for a system designed by others, we will assist to define the performance and operational requirements for the commissioned systems.


Procurement and purchasing the new equipment needs information for informed buying decisions, to obtain the best possible costs, equipment quality, favorable terms, discounts, shipping and receiving/delivery information.


Commissioning during the construction phase typically includes the proper setup for electrical devices such as relays and breakers to ensure that all components are functioning correctly.


Is the electrical piece of equipment ready to be energized and will it accomplish what it was designed to do? Commissioning is an inspection and testing procedure, for energizing and installing electrical equipment, to certify that the electrical equipment is ready to be energized, will operate correctly, and that it complies with the original design intent, specifications, the analysis and drawings.


Once the electrical equipment is installed, one of the final phases of the commissioning process, is an important step in confirming the system will be operational, safe and reliable and above all ensuring overall client satisfaction. This analysis phase is intended to verify the start-up and integrity of the energized electrical equipment and system for the first time after the changes and/or installation of the new equipment.

Current Solutions has a team of qualified Electrical Engineers and CxA Commissioning Authority who have performed power system commissioning on many projects. Our team understands the design process, constructability, and safety concerns, areas for efficiency improvement and whom can assist resolve field technical issues as well as develop testing and maintenance programs.

All services are geared toward safety and the improvement of operations for power systems:


Experience with SEL, GE, ABB, Basler & Beckworth relay Protection and Control Logic Settings.

Relay and switchgear commissioning including develop of detailed commissioning and start up plans.