Why Acquire Services of a Professional Electrical Engineering Company For Your Power System Needs?

Power distribution systems, defined and unbeknownst by most as a complex web of connected things and parts.

Power distribution systems really requires a specialized knowledge of the inner workings as a whole, including: the electrical equipment, wiring, methods and interconnections for efficient, effective and safe operation of the whole system in order to fully support the mechanical equipment and technology that all companies need to run their home and/or business.


There are many facets of the system with a large margin for potential error, as electric passes from the utility company, through transformers, switchgear, motor control centers, to the individual motors, electrical equipment, technology, computers and of course down to the individual electrical outlet.  If there is a failure at any given point within the system, it can affect the rest of the system or individual components.  Trained electrical engineering professionals in the engineering field have the skills required to understand all the electrical systems components and how they interrelate as a whole.

Engineers have the ability to identify issues, but also can provide an unbiased solution with various electrical application alternatives that may be available.

Did you ever try to figure something out, then finally asked for assistance, to only find out that you should have sought out the expertise sooner, before you wasted all of that time!

Electrical engineering specialists and their services are to help do just that.  Their goal is to act and provide the guidance to help secure power distribution systems, maximize the systems efficiency while eliminating wasted labor, excessive additional costs, including project, maintenance, operational or safety/accident related costs over the long run.   The ideal time for getting the electrical engineering specialist involved is before the project starts and during preplanning.  However they can also be useful if experiencing an electrical issue, to act as the technical specialist to help analyze, pinpoint and guide to correct electrical issues within the system.

Expertise and Specialists

Electrical engineers are specialists in the intricacies of power distribution systems, small to very large, ranging services can include:

  • Consulting and troubleshooting a power distribution system and its components.
  • Analysis of an existing power system, to locate inefficiencies and/or potential hazards.
  • Design of the new power system to accommodate the needs of new, or changing, infrastructure, equipment or technology.
  • Construction administration or assistance – sometimes contracted by the owner of the facility or the electrical contractor to assist with the implementation of the design intent.

Maintenance and changes to the electrical system

Age of equipment and infrastructure, higher usage or increased demand for electric and changes to the electrical system may require some type of monitoring, testing and/or maintenance to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the system, as well as for ensuring the safety of the workers that may come in contact with the components of the system.

Alternative source of power

A professional electrical engineering company has the expertise for obtaining client requirements for alternative power and providing customized and recommendations and guidance for applications for the viable alternative sources of power. These could be co-generation, wind turbines, hydro-power or solar panels etc.

Backup Power

What would we do without “power” these days?  We have come to depend on it for many aspects of our everyday lives and to run our businesses.    Electrical engineers specialized in power systems, understand business requirements and can assist to implement a cost efficient back-up power strategy for the unfortunate chance that there is a power outage.  Typical proactive backup power solutions may be less costly than losing power, via lost business and labor.

Electrical Safety

Employers are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of employees in the workplace.  There are many types of companies that offer electrical safety programs.  Some of those companies sell electrical safety products, some companies sell electrical equipment, some sell training only.  Electrical engineering companies typically do not sell equipment or product.

For your home, do you have a landscaper, plumber, appliance or air conditioner contractor who knows your home and that handles problems as they arise?   An Electrical Engineering specialist who knows your power system intimately is good to have on hand in the event of an emergency or to develop the electrical safety programs required to maintain but also minimize electrical risks to your employees.

What to look for in an electrical engineering advisor?  A solid resume with the education, history of past projects and electrical power distribution system experience (who understands the relationship of the equipment, the electric is powering, and all areas of the system).  Referrals and repeat clientele would be a good indication that the professional has the experience, customer service and good quality work required to perform the services.