Power System Design and Analysis

Never before has power system reliability been such an important measure.

Electrical power distribution systems are like the central nervous system of the body. New or existing facilities require the electrical power distribution system and it is critical to the successful performance of business technology, equipment and operations. Unlike other firms, our collective engineering; technical knowledge; construction cost estimating; hands on construction (or field) experience enables us to provide our client’s with specialty services and cost efficient designs.

The Solution Starts With Us. Our team of engineering specialists has the education and experience to analyze, plan and design all types and sizes of electric power distribution systems, for any type of industry or facility.

Our goal is to help our clients get the full benefit from their electrical system infrastructure: to maximize output and performance; improve system reliability; reduce equipment maintenance and usage costs; and help protect the equipment life, property and investment.

Electrical Engineering Design and Power System Analysis

Current Solutions, P.C. provides many engineering services related to electrical power systems:

This combined experience assists us to understand projects, from the budgeting phase through the design and the construction phase.

Typical Client Goals:

Power Distribution System Design Services:

Automation and Control Engineering Services:

Benefits of Good Electrical Drawings for Electrical Contractors, Building Owner’s and facility Managers