Electrical System Design Contractors

Electrical contractors are considered by sophisticated customers based on their price, reliability, technical expertise (with diverse technology experience), their competitors and the speed of delivery. Challenges can be found in each type of project – whether it is new construction, a renovation, upgrade and/or remodeling. Within each project there are common goals — and that is to complete the job on time, within budget, and without any accidents or injuries.

How to Address Electrical Contractor Challenges … Outsourcing Alternative

The electrical contractor needs to be more adept, resourceful and prepared, than ever before, to address and tackle these considerations while managing industry challenges.

Challenges can include: complex regulatory agency mandates; requirements and restrictions; on site work safety and life threats (such as arc flash hazards); increased power requirements; need to operate, manage and obtain new business; price jobs correctly; finish jobs on time and within budget; obtain the right workforce and manage materials and costs.

Additional challenges may include obtaining adequate drawings in which to construct or update an electrical power distribution system. While most qualified electricians know how to install most pieces of commonly used electrical equipment, the engineer must provide details for clarification of existing conditions, including where the client has a specific preference or where unusual equipment or seldom-used wiring methods are required. If a perfect world, electrical contractors would obtain accurate working drawings at the start of the project to ensure efficiency and accuracy, of the electrical construction project. Essentially these drawings are a detailed road map (of the engineer’s plans and intentions) for effective communication and coordination of all involved project team members – engineer through the general contractors and their subcontractors.

Current Solutions as an alternative – Our goal is to supplement our clients team with technical electrical specialists. We provide the specialized skills, as needed, to increase productivity, reliability, speed and minimize cost overruns while assisting to provide a seamless installation. We can assist the contractors with pricing the job (electrical construction cost estimating), coordination for installation (point to point wiring), and safety services that will reduce costly and/or time-consuming rework by the electrical contractors.

Every day, across the U.S, Current Solutions P.C. applies our technical knowledge toward helping electrical contractors to spearhead their electrical challenges for virtually any industry or sector. The following is just a sample of our capabilities for Electrical Contractors…


Types of Power Systems

  • Medium Voltage Power Distribution Systems
  • Emergency Power and UPS Systems
  • Cogeneration
  • Emergency Monitoring and Management Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Control Systems
  • Branch Circuit Distribution and Monitoring
  • Raceway and Cable Tray Provisions for Low-Voltage Systems
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • AutoCAD Services/As-Build Documentation
  • System Integration

Benefits of Good Electrical Drawings for Electrical Contractors, Building Owner’s and facility Managers