Electrical Safety Training Seminars

Electrical Safety Training, Electrical Engineering Design, New Jersey

Improve Your Own Skills or Build Your Team’s Skills!

” We are dedicated to our clients individual professional development.”

Mark B. Cavallaro, P.E., Principal and Founder

Whether you’re a novice who needs to start with the basics, or
an expert who needs to learn some advanced techniques, Current
, P.C. can provide the training you need.

Private and on-site group training courses are available in our White Plains, N.Y. office. For private and group classes, we will customize the training material to suit your needs. This provides a greater opportunity to train your entire staff all at once, cost efficiently.

For further information, availability & seminar schedule:
or Phone our office Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST.

Our Courses

Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Construction Cost

Learn the
basics of how to estimate electrical work and improve Estimating Skills (with or
without Computers) and Obtain the Competitive Bidding Advantage!


Electric Power
Systems Basics

For anyone who wants to gain a better understanding
about Electrical Power Systems.
Facility Professionals & Non-Electrical Engineers

Electric Design I

Electric Power Calculations




Mark B. Cavallaro, P.E., Principal and Founder of Current
Solutions has approximately 20 years of experience in the engineering,
cost estimation and installation of electrical and instrumentation
systems for municipal, industrial, institutional and commercial

His experience includes design engineering, system studies, cost
estimating, value engineering, construction administration, on-site
field engineering inspections, systems testing, maintenance and installation
surveying of low, medium, and high- voltage electrical equipment
and systems.

Mark is a dynamic instructor, providing training in electrical
theory, electric design and electrical construction cost estimating for
individuals of small, medium and large companies and New York University (N.Y.U.) in New
York City.