Electrical Engineering Safety Programs

Electricity has become essential in every aspect of today’s lifestyle, and is sometimes taken for granted, perhaps not always considered: when making key decisions; while using it or for the maintenance of it and can present serious hazardous conditions.

Electrical safety programs establish minimum standards to prevent hazardous exposures to personnel. The electrical safety programs protect employees against explosions, fires, electrical shock, electrocution, burns and other potential electrical safety hazards. It also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements applicable to electrical systems and minimizes the possibility for costly equipment and facility damage.

Arc Flash Safety and Electrical Hazards

Ideally, working on de-energized equipment is optimal to eliminate the possibility of electrical hazards. However, if de-energizing introduces an increased hazard or is not feasible then an uncompromising electrical safety program should be implemented and enforced.

The goal is to minimize hazards with several phases of a complete electrical safety program. It should be designed to help ensure that energized electrical work is performed safely by qualified electrical workers, who are trained and provided with the appropriate safe work procedures, protective equipment and other controls.

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