Electrical Power Engineering Consulting

 Electrical Power Engineering Consulting - NY

Our company name has become synonymous with electrical engineering solutions for our client’s facility power distribution system needs.

Since the inception of the firm in 1998, the Current Solutions team has developed and honed the technical skills required to provide electrical power distribution system consulting, analysis, design and electrical support services within any industry including: to private and public entities, businesses, municipalities and federal agencies across the country.

Organizationally, we all truly understand the importance of our client’s electrical technical needs but equally as important we understand the business drivers including maximizing the project quality, exponential profitability, productivity, operational reliability and overall safety.

The Current Solutions team strives to build solid client relationships fostering trust, effective communications and resourcefulness. Our commitment to outstanding client service turns our client’s electrical requirements into tangible goals and programs.

Given the opportunity, we would be pleased to provide information – the benefits of working with our company, highlighting what differentiates us from other companies and providing our comprehensive package of qualifications and experience.

We are confident that you will find our specialty electrical engineering services, valuable and cost efficient.

It only takes a few minute to learn more about our team and qualifications.