Electrical Engineering Consulting Services


Public and private sector facility owners and managers are tasked with the responsibility to increase productivity, curtail energy consumption, minimize utility bills, better environmental issues, systems reliability and customer service.

Not an easy task, given the challenges associated with: The increased demand for new technology, facility relocations to one or multiple locations, the management of outdated energy hog lighting & HVAC systems, the replacement of new systems and the integration of all of these systems.

Current Solutions, P.C. can help manage those costs. Our goal is to assist you to fulfill your power needs, obtain energy cost savings, realize a ROI on capital improvements, and maintain operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We provide an in-depth evaluation your operational needs and then assist you to develop a feasible, economical and environmentally sound strategic plan.

We proactively evaluate energy use patterns, investigate available options for change (within your given infrastructure and timeline) and will propose cost saving alternatives that may be obtained through suppliers, procurement, management and consumption.

Electrical Engineering and Power Consulting

Our goal is to assist with the reduction of electricity consumption, expenses, outages and improve overall company profitability.

We provide energy efficiency analysis, design and consulting services for facilities including:


Current Solutions, P.C. provides full electrical design and construction claims consulting services.

We will assist to resolve electrical engineering design and construction related claims efficiently by providing engineering skills and practical objectivity during negotiations. We can investigate and assist with disputes in the design evaluation, change order evaluation, help to determine the electrical construction liability and damages, or to prove that none exists.

Services Include:


Electrical power system studies are inexpensive ways to minimize the potential cost of liabilities associated with exorbitant legal fees, loss of business operations and income, cost of replacing damaged equipment and the costs of injury or fatality associated with electrical accidents and malfunctions.

Electrical system studies are critical in preventing and limiting the owners exposure due to the excessive duration of service interruptions, due to equipment failure, human error or adverse natural act of god occurrences, to any portion of an electrical distribution system.

Consider system studies when any or all of the following occur:


Our goal is to provide, comprehensive due diligence, testing, remediation, expert witness and planning consulting services to maximize benefits for our clients, building owners, investors, institutional lenders, corporate real estate departments, attorneys and governmental agencies.

We provide the property condition assessments, necessary for the investor and building owner to make sound business decisions. Whether working with a single asset or a portfolio of properties, Current Solution’s will tailor our services to each client’s specific requirements.

“Our Knowledge is Your Power” and our goal is to provide our clients considering the purchase of a new building with the information needed to assist with evaluating and securing a sound investment.

We will assist to evaluate the health and condition of the building’s existing electrical system; identify the systems limitations relative to the tenant/occupier needs; help detect the adequacy and legitimacy of the investment; provide a detailed report to help forecast unforeseen costs; determine the “after purchase” predictive and/or preventative maintenance required, and provide information that can be used for effectively negotiating a “win-win” business deal.

Electrical Power Needs Assessment & Requirement Analysis


Current Solutions, P.C. has prepared construction cost estimates for building owners, developers and electrical contractors for projects across the U.S. These types of estimates range in scope from conceptual estimates to detailed quantity take-off/unit cost estimates. Included services are as follows: