Project costs need to be properly managed and electrical construction cost estimates are valuable tools that effectively do just that for all working on a given project – from the owner to the electrical engineer and electrical construction professional.

Cost estimates are used at the start of the project for budgeting purposes, then to secure the project, obtaining finance and lastly to manage all the project costs back to the initial budget.

Current Solutions Services and Common Uses of Construction Cost Estimates:

Electrical contractors also rely on the above electrical construction cost estimates, as well as the following:

The Current Solutions team has prepared thousands of electrical construction cost estimates since the inception of the firm, have worked side by side with electrical contractors in the field and developed an extensive background in electrical construction, which allows us to effectively communicate with all parties and trades.

We provide electric construction cost estimating services and training to electrical contractors, facility managers and owners, engineering firms and commercial developers for commercial, industrial and environmental facilities across the U.S.

We also offer Value Engineering services that can be completed congruently with the Cost Estimate. These services can provide innovative and alternative design strategies, which are geared toward project cost reduction without sacrificing the project quality.

What Can Be Expected in a Completed Estimate Report?

While every report is customized for our client, a “typical” report can include the takeoff which is separated into pisions of work and presented with all items identified and color-coded for easy review, detailed daily material prices, daily productive labor units, labor units for quoted items, a list of vendor quotes, estimate summary with checklist, specification summary and detailed scope of work report outlining the work included and excluded.

Pricing and Labor Units

Our database is updated monthly, which includes national cost information to ensure we provide estimates with the most accurate industry pricing. A range of labor units can be used to include your own personal labor units, NECA labor units or our standard labor units.

Pre-Construction Services

These services are geared to ensuring the project’s objectives are realized, assessing and managing the construction risks involved, and protecting the owner’s or equity investor’s position. Project management oversight services, value engineering, and real estate investment advisory services are for owners, investors, and corporate end-users embarking on a building program. In the pre-purchase and/or pre-construction phase, Current Solutions, P.C. offers the following services:

Construction Phase Services

As the owner’s or equity investor’s representative during construction, Current Solutions, P.C. will manage the construction schedule and budgets to keep the client informed.

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