Electrical Project Commissioning

Current Solutions team can get involved in any phase of the project. If at the early phases of the project, ideally our goal is to assist our clients with a turnkey solution “beginning with the end in mind”.

What is Commissioning?

What is typically included in an Electrical Project Commissioning?

An efficient approach is essential for establishing commissioning budgets, establishing commissioning plans, commissioning schedules, testing and inspection plans, developing commissioning specifications, determining special testing needs and last but not least establishing re-commissioning plans.

Six Phases


Commissioning planning phase deals with mainly electrical equipment and pre-design of the electrical project and continues through the project completion and when the electrical equipment is energized.


The commissioning design phase explains the work to be done and is practical for the review of the design terms of agreement.


Commissioning procurement phase involves making buying decisions at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time and location. If there is good and sufficient data available, it is a good way to make use of economic analysis technique such as cost-benefit analysis or cost-utility analysis.


Commissioning Construct/Install phase is the proper setup for electrical devices such as relays and breakers to ensure that all components are functioning correctly.


Testing in Commissioning terms regulates that every electrical piece of equipment is ready for energization and that it will accomplish what the design was meant to perform. The inspection procedure is done by inspecting and testing which is one only by personnel that is certified for testing electrical equipment, he/she provides in site and approval of every single electrical equipment to certify that is performing correctly, and that it meets the qualifications and specifications to energize and do an complete installment of the system as it complies with the study/drawings. Energization part comes after testing is complete and finalized and all equipment is operating properly. The entire system is started-up and energized in order for us to completely finalize the operating system as it is intended to operate and the design essentials are met.


is the last phase of the commissioning process. This design phase intends to verify the projects construction work and confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction.